BEHIND CLOSED DOORS by Joanne Stanton and Christine O’Donnell

Behind Closed Doors is a must read for all parents, if not all persons. In compelling but everyday language the authors, Joanne Stanton and Christine O’Donnell, show how the health of our children has been damaged by chemicals in our food, products and environment. A few eye-opening statistics:

Doubling of childhood asthma over 15 years 300% increase in food allergy outpatient visits over 10 years Ten and forty-fold increases in ADHD and youth bipolar disorder

As mothers of children afflicted with heart breaking diseases (except the hearts of these women were never broken, because they never stopped fighting for their kids) the authors asked “why”.

And then they tell you about the barrage of chemicals which bombard our children’s bodies, at ages and stages when they and their immune systems are most vulnerable.

The assault comes from the myriad additives to our processed food, and the chemical modifications to our whole food; the countless chemicals in the consumer products we wear, apply and use everyday, and the pollutants in the air we breathe and the water we drink.

Throughout it all, the authors never overwhelm you with too much information, but there’s a Resource Guide at the end of the book if, as is almost certain, you want to learn more.

If you have time for nothing else, read the chapters on food. Your trip to the supermarket will never be the same.

And, if nothing else, read Chapter 8 and the epilogue. No disease will ever seem incurable, and no cause hopeless, after you read what a mother’s love can accomplish.