Practice Areas

Harm caused by mail order/specialty pharmacies

Specialty/mail order pharmacies, and the Pharmacy Benefit Managers that control them, routinely put their own profits ahead of the health of their patients. As a result, people dependent on specialty pharmacies like Accredo for life sustaining medications encounter obstacles and frustrations which range from aggravating to life-threatening.
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Contaminated Water

Fresh water is one of earth’s most essential yet limited resources. Global warming and changes in weather patterns have disrupted the natural water cycle, making fresh water a precious commodity. Fresh water resources that become contaminated because of pollution, oil spills, fertilizers and pesticides, sewage, lead and mercury, or chemical waste are a serious threat to humans and the environment. Contaminated water can cause diseases such as cancer and related blood disorders, declining property values, and loss of crops and wildlife.
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Flint, Michigan Water Contamination

If you’re a resident of Flint, Michigan or surrounding areas with Flint-supplied water, you know all too well the dangers of the contaminated water, the potential dangers to your health, and the frustration of trying to live from day to day.

Our first lead poisoning case was on behalf of children living where the soil was 28% lead. That was 1984. Since then, we have become nationally renowned for representing victims of precedent-setting environmental hazard cases.
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PFOA and PFOS Contamination

Clean drinking water is essential for survival. In the United States, it is easy to take for granted that all have access to this basic need. In some areas, however, water contamination has caused devastating illness and limited clean water resources. Populations in areas with high levels of chemical contamination like Flint, Michigan, have been advised not to drink or cook with the water coming out of their own taps.
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Willow Grove and Warminster Base contamination

Toxic Chemicals dumped at the Willow Grove and Warminster Naval Air Bases have polluted the drinking water of over 70,000 people – residents of Horsham, Warminster and Warrington townships. The chemicals of concern include perfluoroalkyl substances (PFAs) link to practice area page including PFOA and PFOS. These chemicals have been linked to kidney cancer, testicular cancer, ulcerative colitis, thyroid disease, and other health problems. Recent studies by the Pennsylvania Department of Health show an increased rate of pancreatic and bladder cancer among residents in these communities link to story.
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