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Mark R. Cuker

About Mark R. Cuker

Mark Cuker is one of the foremost environmental litigation attorneys in the country. Some of his high-profile toxic tort cases – most notably the Toms River case have been profiled in books, television news programs and on the internet.

Toms River involved children who were developing cancer at an alarming rate — so high that the New Jersey town was designated a “cancer cluster.” The community demanded answers, and, shepherded by Mark Cuker and his team, they discovered that the town’s drinking water had been polluted by chemicals like styrene-acrylonitrile (SAN) trimer and by-products of dye manufacturing for decades.

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News and Blogs

  • A Win in PA for blood testing is the first ever in the United States
    In Giovanni v United States, the United States Court of appeals upheld the right of Pennsylvanians exposed to PFAS in their drinking water to compel the U.S. Navy to test their blood for PFAS exposure. The court refused to rehear an earlier ruling by a three judge panel which ruled that claims for blood testing should be allowed to proceed and are not barred by governmental immunity. Mark Cuker, the attorney representing the family seeking the blood testing, is looking forward to proving these ...
  • Wolf Announces Funds to Help Remove PFAS Contamination
    On March 28th, Pennsylvania Governor Tom Wolf announced that the state will contribute $8 million to help remove PFAS contamination from the drinking water of about 55,000 residents in Bucks County. $5 million of these funds will be allocated to Warminster Township, while the remaining $3 million will be distributed to Warrington Township. This contamination was caused by decades of unregulated and uncontrolled fire training activities at two former U.S. Navy bases in Warminster and Willow ...
  • NPR Here and NowNPR’s Here and Now interviews Mark Cuker on EPA inaction
    The Environmental Protection Agency is in the process of proposing new limits on a family of chemicals linked to cancer. Advocates have called for strict rules on PFOA and PFOS in drinking water and soil for years, and some have called the EPA’s lengthy review process an attempt to delay action further. Here & Now’s Robin Young speaks with Mark Cuker, an attorney who has represented clients harmed by some of the chemicals included in the review. LISTEN TO THE INTERVIEW HERE...
  • EPA’s PFAS Action Plan: A lot of hot air, but no clean water
    I attended the announcement of EPA’s much ballyhooed PFAS action plan in Philadelphia today. It is all talk and no action. Nine months after committing to hold polluters accountable by listing PFAS as a hazardous substance and setting an enforceable maximum contaminant limit for PFAS in drinking water, EPA has done…nothing. Seven Months ago, people from Warminster, Warrington and Horsham Townships went to a “listening session” to tell  EPA what needed to be done. People whose families have been ...