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Mark R. Cuker

About Mark R. Cuker

Mark Cuker is one of the foremost environmental litigation attorneys in the country. Some of his high-profile toxic tort cases – most notably the Toms River case have been profiled in books, television news programs and on the internet.

Toms River involved children who were developing cancer at an alarming rate — so high that the New Jersey town was designated a “cancer cluster.” The community demanded answers, and, shepherded by Mark Cuker and his team, they discovered that the town’s drinking water had been polluted by chemicals like styrene-acrylonitrile (SAN) trimer and by-products of dye manufacturing for decades.

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News and Blogs

  • Getting justice for PFAS victims is a steep uphill battle
    Getting justice for PFAS victims is a steep uphill battle.  The chemicals were entirely unregulated as recently as five years ago; and still unregulated in most states. Polluters have an array of defenses, ranging from sovereign immunity for the U.S. Government, to the government contractor defense for the foam manufacturers. But when I saw the drinking water of 80,000 people in my community (including me) polluted with PFAS, I was not going to take it lying down. So I did something no other ...
  • At the House Cannon Building with Hope Grosse and Joann Stanton of Buxmont Coalition, Melanie Benesh of Environmental Working Group and Sharon Lerner of theintercept.comBriefing Key Congressional Committees on the Need for Action on Poisons in Our Water
    On Friday November 22, I joined my colleagues Hope Grosse and Joanne Stanton of Buxmont Coalition for Safer Water to brief Congressional staffers in Washington DC. We met with staff from the Senate Environment and Public Works Committee, the House PFAS Task a Force and the House Government oversight committee We briefed them on three topics of concern: EPA’s abdication of its mission to protect us from unregulated contaminants  The PFAS crisis has called attention to the thousands of chemicals ...
  • PFAS Exposure Sites Designated for Important Health Study
    The ATSDR announced the centers of the multi-site health study that will look at the relatio0nship between PFAS exposure. The sites are: Montgomery and Bucks Counties, PA Gloucester County, NJ Hoosick Falls, NY, and Newburgh, NY El Paso County, CO Parchment/Cooper Township, MI, and North Kent County, MI Hyannis, MA, and Ayer, MA communities near the UC Irvine Medical Center The study will look at multiple endpoints, but not cancer. ...
  • PA taxpayers subsidize Defense Department’s pollution
    In a much ballyhooed trip to Horsham, Gov. Wolf proudly announced that $3.8 million of the Commonwealth budget will go to pay for clean water in Horsham, Warminster, Warrington and Warwick Townships. Certainly these townships, which have been Ground Zero for PFAS pollution coming from the Willow Grove and Warminster Naval Airbases, need and deserve the assistance. But this as a poor substitute for the REAL ACTION we need: Classify PFAS as hazardous substances so the polluter—not the PA ...