$600 million to be paid to residents of Flint in Settlement with the State of Michigan.

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Mark R. Cuker

About Mark R. Cuker

Mark Cuker is one of the foremost environmental litigation attorneys in the country. Some of his high-profile toxic tort cases – most notably the Toms River case have been profiled in books, television news programs and on the internet.

Toms River involved children who were developing cancer at an alarming rate — so high that the New Jersey town was designated a “cancer cluster.” The community demanded answers, and, shepherded by Mark Cuker and his team, they discovered that the town’s drinking water had been polluted by chemicals like styrene-acrylonitrile (SAN) trimer and by-products of dye manufacturing for decades.

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  • $600 million is headed to Flint residents!
    We are committed to getting our clients  every cent they are due. If you are one of our clients,  immediately call  215-831-8522 or email Mark Cuker directly at mark@cukerlaw.com. If you do not have a lawyer, we are here to help you, your family and your children  get what you’re entitled to. Contact me at any time: call  215-831-8522 or email Mark Cuker directly at mark@cukerlaw.com. To view the settlement announcement, click on ...
  • Independent Pharmacies Sue Major Pbm Over Illegal Price Discrimination And Below Cost Reimbursements
    Pharmacies Allege OptumRx Knowingly Paid Them Less Than Large Retail Chain Pharmacies PHILADELPHIA, PA (May 1, 2020) – — The newest litigation against a major pharmacy benefit manager comes from a most likely source: their small business victims. Unwilling to tolerate the low reimbursements which threaten to drive them out of business, more than 50 independent pharmacies have  sued pharmacy benefit manager (PBM) OptumRx, a division of UnitedHealth Group,  charging  the company  violated ...
  • PFAS endangers pregnancies, newborns
    There’s no force in nature more powerful than a mothers love for her child. Yet there is new evidence that PFAS threatens that sacred relationship We have known for a long time that PFAS builds up in the body and blood. So even if a mother is not currently exposed to PFAS, the buildup from past exposure can cause a mother to pass the PFAS in her body to her child in her mother’s milk. Recent research shows that high maternal PFAS levels are associated with low birth weight, which can mean ...
  • PFAS Panel Discussion – Delaware University
    On Tuesday Feb 12 I participated in a panel discussion on the PFAS crisis at Delaware Valley University in Doylestown , superbly moderated by Senator Maria Collett. Despite the overwhelming need to regulate these chemicals, list them as hazardous substances and establish an enforceable safe drinking water limit, both EPA and the PA DEP have failed to act. As one astute audience member observed, this failure imposes “unfunded mandates” on polluted communities, because it keeps polluters from ...