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Mark R. Cuker

About Mark R. Cuker

Mark Cuker is one of the foremost environmental litigation attorneys in the country. Some of his high-profile toxic tort cases – most notably the Toms River case have been profiled in books, television news programs and on the internet.

Toms River involved children who were developing cancer at an alarming rate — so high that the New Jersey town was designated a “cancer cluster.” The community demanded answers, and, shepherded by the Cuker and his team, they discovered that the town’s drinking water had been polluted by chemicals like styrene-acrylonitrile (SAN) trimer and by-products of dye manufacturing for decades.

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  • What you can do if your water is contaminated
    Many years ago I had a client who woke up to find out his well water was contaminated by gasoline. He lived only two blocks from a gas station, which was the obvious source. He was certain that his government—federal state or local— would come to his rescue. So he went to his township, only to find they had no jurisdiction over the problem. Next he called the USEPA, only to be told that Congress had exempted gasoline and other petroleum products from regulation under the Superfund law. Finally ...
  • “Chasing News” Features Atty. Mark Cuker and Toms River Cancer Cluster Mother Linda Gillick – VIDEO
    Linda Gillick’s son, Michael, was diagnosed with cancer at only 3 months old. Linda believes Michael’s cancer, along with a cluster of cases in Toms River were all associated with a chemical found in the treated water of a Superfund site in the area. A recent study found that one chemical in the water did not cause cancer in rats. But Linda and Mark Cuker, the attorney who represented her along with a handful of families in a previous lawsuit, feel the study tested the wrong chemical and ...
  • Independent Pharmacies Claim Illegal Conduct by Pharmacy Benefits Manager (PBM) Catamaran, Call for Jury Trial
    A consortium of 55 independent pharmacies has filed a lawsuit alleging illegal conduct by Catamaran Corporation, one of the nation’s biggest managers of prescription-drug benefits for insurance plans.   Pharmacies hailing primarily from Pennsylvania filed suit this week in the U.S. District Court for the Middle District of Pennsylvania(1) against pharmacy benefit manager (“PBM”) Catamaran Corporation, formerly known as SXC Health Solutions. Catamaran’s annual revenue is nearly $15 billion, ...
  • “Toms River” Book Now in Paperback
    The Pulitzer prize winning book telling the story of the Toms River clients and the industrial pollution that changed their lives forever is now in paperback. Written by Dan Fagin, a professor at New York University, “Toms River: A Story of Science and Salvation” the book has been named among the “Best Books of the Year by NPR” and called “a new classic of science reporting.” To inquiry about our representation of victims of toxic exposure, click here to contact us....