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Mark R. Cuker

About Mark R. Cuker

Mark Cuker is one of the foremost environmental litigation attorneys in the country. Some of his high-profile toxic tort cases – most notably the Toms River case have been profiled in books, television news programs and on the internet.

Toms River involved children who were developing cancer at an alarming rate — so high that the New Jersey town was designated a “cancer cluster.” The community demanded answers, and, shepherded by Mark Cuker and his team, they discovered that the town’s drinking water had been polluted by chemicals like styrene-acrylonitrile (SAN) trimer and by-products of dye manufacturing for decades.

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News and Blogs

  • PFAS Blood levels are elevated among longtime residents in Bux-Mont Area
    On the evening of December 19 at Upper Dublin High School, The PA Department of Health made a detailed presentation of the results of its pilot blood test study of residents of Horsham. Warminster and Warrington Townships. The group sampled consisted of 235 people, of whom 84% have resided at their current residence more than 10 years. Among the significant findings were: The average blood PFAS for this group was significantly higher than in the national NHANES study for 2014: 3.13 vs. 1.94 for ...
  • Residents urge action at state PFAS meeting
    On November 30 I appeared in Harrisburg before Governor Wolf’s PFAS Action Team with other members of the National PFAS Coalition and Buxmont Coalition for Safer Water Hope Grosse, Joanne Stanton, Phil Baiocchi and Jill Florin, and Tracy Carluccio of the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, to voice our concerns about the need for action about the PFAS menace. My comments were well summarized by Kyle Bagenstose in his article for The Intelligencer: Mark Cuker, an environmental attorney who has sued ...
  • Tests Show That People Living in a PFAS Contaminated Areas Have High Levels of PFAS in their Blood.
    The results of blood testing are in and, as expected, they show that people living in the area contaminated by PFAS have high levels of PFAS in their blood. Residents in Bucks and Montgomery Counties who participated in a blood-testing program because their drinking water was contaminated by chemicals on nearby military bases have a dramatically higher presence of some chemicals in their blood than the general U.S. population – in the case of one chemical, five times more than the typical ...
  • Landmark Opinion Upholds rights of PFAS Exposure victims to sue the federal government for medical monitoring
    Third Circuit rules Navy can be held responsible for medical monitoring for PFAS exposure In a landmark precedential opinion in a case brought by the Cuker Law Firm, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the rights of people exposed to PFAS which came from military sites to make claims for medical monitoring against the U.S. Government. Read the United States Court of Appeals for the Third Circuit opinion here. Kristen Giovanni and her family live in Warrington PA, near the Willow Grove ...