The EPAs Latest Effort to Endanger Drinking Water

I cannot adequately express my disgust and revulsion at EPA’s latest effort to endanger our drinking water. The proposed Waters of the United States Rule would have prevented contamination of groundwater as well as surface water from chemical and environmental contamination, because the two are so connected; groundwater often flows into surface water and vice versa. And 51% of us get our drinking water from groundwater.

But EPA is rejecting the rule, CONTRARY to the recommendation of its own Science Advisory Board! In our hyper-partisan era, please note that the SAB is both entirely non-partisan—it consists of over 40 science Phd’s— and bipartisan— in that its members represent many appointees from both Democratic and GOP administrations. This board unequivocally condemned the proposed rule change as “contrary to science”.

Human life and health is our most precious commodity. We can’t afford to sacrifice it on the pagan altar of “deregulation”.

The SAB letter is linked below.:$File/WOTUS+SAB+Draft+Commentary_10_16_19_.pdf