EPA Meeting ABC Interview

On Wednesday (7/25/2018), Mark Cuker represented Upper Dublin Township at an EPA Community Stakeholder Meeting in Horsham, PA concerning PFAS contamination in the drinking water in Upper Dublin, Horsham, Warminster, Warrington, and Warwick Townships.

In an interview with 6abc Action News, Mark discussed the PFAS contamination, stating that “[t]his is a Frankenstein monster kind of a chemical. It doesn’t break down, it’s indestructible, it stays in the environment, it stays in the water supply, and when you drink it, it stays in your body. Instead of breaking down in your body, it builds up in your body, and causes adverse health effects”

Mark then explained that three of the other affected townships (Horsham, Warminster, and Warrington) have spent millions of dollars out of pocket to get PFAS levels in their drinking water down to non-detect, while other townships, including Upper Dublin, continue to be excluded from PFAS treatment altogether.

Mark believes that it is essential for the government to provide comprehensive water treatment and health studies for all affected residents, and that these residents should not have to bear the cost of cleaning up the government’s mess.

The townships are demanding substantial subsidies from the EPA and the Department of Defense in order to provide their residents with clean drinking water without increasing taxes.

The goal of this public meeting was for the EPA to hear the first-hand concerns of affected residents. While the EPA is currently in the process of developing a national management plan to address PFAS, they have a responsibility to protect affected communities immediately.

To read the full news story, visit: http://6abc.com/toxins-found-in-upper-dublin-drinking-water/3823814/.