Updated: Make your claim in the $600 million Flint Water Settlement

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The list below has two parts. The first is an alphabetical list by HOUSEHOLD; children under 18 are only identified by their initials.

The second is an alphabetized list of individuals who were not part of a larger household when they signed up with us. PLEASE CHECK BOTH LISTS


Anjunette Babbitt Household
IL, Child
DRL, Child
DRL, Child
Keonta Lowe

Jerry and Betty Barker Household

Linda Bell and Geraldine Williams Household

Ann Bergman-Christian and Bernard Christian Household

Gussie and Michi Blake Household
DM, Child

Emerson and Carol Boles Household

Edith Marie Caery Household
Tomasha Ford
IF, Child
I’yanna L. Ford

Brittany Chisolm Household
BC, Child

Twana Dixon Household
Jerome Smith

Kamira Yvonne Emery Household
KEC, Child
KD, Child

Vernon Lamar Ford Household
DB, Child

Catherine Hicks-Fant and Nelson Fant Household

Jalayah Humphrey Household
TBD, Child

Cherelle Johnson Household
KW, Child

Malinda and Freddie Johnson Household

Jessie Jones and Jessica Getter Household
TH, Child
Doretha Getter
JG, Child
Kavin Kennebrew

LaPamela Jones Household
MD, Child
Tyree Keyes Jr.
Dre’Sharon Jones
Marvious Davis

Jhordiel Kemp Household
Ryan Davis
Ashlei Barnard

Natalie Matthews Household
Ruby Nell Matthews

Jalisa McCann Household
JM, Child
MC, Child
JC, Child
JW, Child

Marcell McKelry Household
TM, Child

Jovan McMillan Household
JM, Child

Alex and Frances Mobley Household

Eric and Elise Moore Household

Vivian and Samuel Neeley Household

Angela Yolanda Owens Household
CB, Child

Kimberley Price Household

Mary and Kachindo Rains Household

Serena Rodriguez Household
SR, Child
Anastasia Perez

Dionna Ross Household
DW, Child
DR, Child

Viean Sanders Household
Aiza Sanders
David Sanders

Thomas and Carrie Shinabarger Household

Jermain Sims and Trisha Vela Household
NS, Child
LS, Child

Erika Simmons Household
Nautica Simmons

Shalonda Scrivner Household
AB, Child
DB, Child
MB, Child

Dorothy Ann Smith Household
Linnie Hudson-Smith

Anthony R. Stevenson Sr. and Rikki Stevenson-Garland Household
AS, Child
DL, Child
Loretta D. Arkwright
Tiáir R. Garland

Lawanna Stewart Household
Tyrese Stewart
Tyanna Stewart

Annette Talley Household
Shawntae Thames

Kiesha Talton Household
AG, Child
AG, Child
JI, Child

Melodie Turner Household
Betty Ann Turner

Andrea Vincent and Anthony Corthion Household
JW, Child
Sotrionna McClure
Desmond Savage

Jalen Walker Household
Doris Walker

Scott and Katherine Wynn Household
Michael Vincent
Jennifer Vincent

Raymond D. Wynn Household
R.S. Wynn

Diani Young Household
Dhyonda K. Roverson



Aquila Badon

Kimberly Baehr

Annie Baker

Christopher Barry

Joan Beasley

Dean Beaudoin

Kenneth Bell

Gwendolyn Biggs

Johnny Blade

Paula Bloom

Leola Bond

Mario Boone

Joyce Boyd

Willie Bradley

Cedric Brewer

Clarice Britt

Dianne Broadway

Marilyn Brown

James Brown

Reginald Bryson

Leta Burkett

Tracy Ann Carter

Eddie Chaney

Tashiana Chapman

Harry Chapman

Damarius Chapman

Dionte Chapman

Tajuana Chapman

Sade Chapman

Shamiya Chapman

Alena Christian

Willie Coney Jr.

Anetha Conner

Vickie Lynn Cox

Bryan Cox

Horace Dailey

Raymond Davis

John D. Davis

Josephine Deforest

Nathan Dew

Levonne Dicks

Ola Mae Dotson

Carmen Drake

Dawnna Dunn

Annette Earley

Anna Ellis

Kamani Malek Evans

James Fuller

Venita Gibson

Alonzo Goodman

Rosie Gordon

Lorelei Graham

Deshannon Grant

Crystal Greene

Gwendolyn Greene

Norris Greenlee

Emma Griffin

Craig Halbert

Patricia Hamilton

Darrin Hampton

Serrita Harden

Eddie Harvell

Kimberly Ann Haynes

Cassandra Haywood

Donald Lee Hazard

Quinn Hendrix

Brittany Hernandez

Larry D. Heyes

Kenneth Holmes

Anthony Howze

Andre Hunter

Curtis Hunter Jr.

Laurene Hussey

Marcia Jackson

Michael J. Johnson

Anthony Johnson

Jeanette Johnson

William Karl Johnson

Chenita Jones

Michael A. Jones

Matthew Labo

Gary Lang Jr.

Eddie Lard

George Lewis

George Liggins

Wanda Lee Lindsey

Sandy MacDonald

Glendia Marshall

Deloris Mayes

Elgin McDaniel

Mark MIkels

Alice Mockbee

Paul Montgomery

Alvin Montgomery

Wendall Moore

David Mosley

Thelma Mull

Ulysses Mull

Alvern Mullings

June Northway

Alex Pace

Robert Lee Payne

Eddie Pringle

Lessie Mae Pritchett

Annie Reece

Lila Rhoton

Richard Rhyan

Carrie Roberts

Timothy Robertson Jr.

Timothy Robertson Sr.

Roxanne Sanchez

Darryl Scott

Danette Shumpert

Vicki Lynn Smith

Lonnie Smith

Theodus Smith

Mary Southward

Azarea Spearman

Alonzo Stansberry

Michael Stanton

Cathy Stewart

Linda Stewart

Shirley Louise Stitt

Darrell Stott

Ervine Stribling

Cathleen Sweetland

Curtis Lee Thames

Sandra Tingley

Swearl Jeanette Towner

Gwinetta Triplett

Donald Tucker

Katherine Fay Villagomez

Yvette Renee Walker

Justin Walton

Antonia Warren

Tyrone Michael Webb

Lauree Whitaker

Rosie White

Shirley A. White

Toni Whitehead

Mattie Whitmore

Robin Lyn Williams

Dwayne Williams

DaShawn Williams

Barbara Williams

Dominique Wilson

Dorothy Wilson

Michael Anthony Woods

Kurtaz Wright

Gary Wynn

Mary Sue Young