Medical Monitoring Claim

What is Medical Monitoring and How can it help

People exposed to toxic chemicals are often deeply concerned about their risk for future disease. Medical monitoring can protect against those risks by diagnosing diseases before symptoms actually develop. This can make a big difference because treatments are often more effective when started early. This is especially true of diseases with a long “latency” or asymptomatic periods, like cancer and developmental toxicity. In the case of PFAS, medical monitoring includes testing to see what PFASA levels are in your blood. Monitoring protocols have already been developed to protect against the following diseases which have been linked to these chemicals: high cholesterol, thyroid disease, kidney cancer, testicular cancer, and high blood pressure during pregnancy. It provides an important remedy for people concerned about the health of themselves and their families.

In a landmark opinion in a case brought by Cuker Law Firm, the Third Circuit Court of Appeals upheld the rights of people exposed to PFAS which came from military sites to make claims for medical monitoring against the U.S. Government.

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