PA taxpayers subsidize Defense Department’s pollution

In a much ballyhooed trip to Horsham, Gov. Wolf proudly announced that $3.8 million of the Commonwealth budget will go to pay for clean water in Horsham, Warminster, Warrington and Warwick Townships. Certainly these townships, which have been Ground Zero for PFAS pollution coming from the Willow Grove and Warminster Naval Airbases, need and deserve the assistance.

But this as a poor substitute for the REAL ACTION we need:

  • Classify PFAS as hazardous substances so the polluter—not the PA taxpayers— will have to pay for the cleanup
  • Enact a tough maximum contaminant level protective of the health of our most susceptible citizens—infants and children

As Tracy Carluccio of the Delaware Riverkeepers Network said in a compelling Op-Ed:

“Every day that goes by without action is another day Wolf and DEP deprive Pennsylvanians of their constitutional right to clean water.”

Gov. Wolf’s PFAS action team needs to take meaningful action. It has yet to do so.