PFAS Blood levels are elevated among longtime residents in Bux-Mont Area

On the evening of December 19 at Upper Dublin High School, The PA Department of Health made a detailed presentation of the results of its pilot blood test study of residents of Horsham. Warminster and Warrington Townships. The group sampled consisted of 235 people, of whom 84% have resided at their current residence more than 10 years.

Among the significant findings were:

The average blood PFAS for this group was significantly higher than in the national NHANES study for 2014: 3.13 vs. 1.94 for PFOA, 10.24 vs. 4.99 for PFOS and 6.64 vs. 1.35 for PFHxS. Table 2.

PFAS concentration in blood was statistically associated with longer duration of residence (Table 5)

49 in the sample had elevated cholesterol and 26 had endocrine disruptions. 24 had cancer. All of these conditions were associated with greater than median levels of PFAS in blood. Table 9.

You can see the report here

And the Powerpoint presentation here

It is critical to note that these blood levels have been sampled about four years since the contamaminated water supply was shut off in the summer of 2014. Since the half lives of PFOA and PFOS are estimated to be 2-4 and 5-6 years, respectively, these levels were likely much higher four years ago, while people were still drinking the water.

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