Residents urge action at state PFAS meeting

On November 30 I appeared in Harrisburg before Governor Wolf’s PFAS Action Team with other members of the National PFAS Coalition and Buxmont Coalition for Safer Water Hope Grosse, Joanne Stanton, Phil Baiocchi and Jill Florin, and Tracy Carluccio of the Delaware Riverkeeper Network, to voice our concerns about the need for action about the PFAS menace. My comments were well summarized by Kyle Bagenstose in his article for The Intelligencer:

Mark Cuker, an environmental attorney who has sued the military over the contamination and also has taken an active role in citizen groups organized around the issue, argued Pennsylvania could solve many of the current problems faced by impacted communities in less time than it took the meeting to be held.

“Essentially, with a stroke of a pen, (the state) could list PFAS as a hazardous substance, set a reasonable drinking water limit), and then the polluter will have to pay,: Cuker said. It’s really that simple.”

See the link below for Kyles full article on the meeting, which (like everything Kyle writes on the topic) is well worth reading.

We hope the PFAS Action team lives up to its name and takes prompt action necessary to get control over this

Bottom Row Joanne Stanton, Mark Cuker Jill Florin

Second Row Phil Baiocchi, Tracy Carluccio Hope Grosse