A Florida man developed testicular cancer twice and suing several manufacturers or firefighting foams. The foams were used for decades at the former Naval Air Warfare Center and other nearby bases. The foams are believed to be the source of the perfluorinated chemicals PFOS and PFOA found in area groundwater and drinking water. [READ MORE […]

After being suppressed for almost 6 months because it would be a “public relations nightmare” for the U.S. Government and its Department of Defense, the ATSDR released its Draft Toxicological Profile for PFAS (“Perfluoroalkyls”) The study concludes that the “Minimum Risk Level” for PFOA and PFOS should be seven to 10 times lower than that […]

The concerted outcry of community activists is finally getting through to EPA. Although PFAS have been on the national radar screen since early 2014, EPA is now committing to take two important steps to regulate this too-long unregulated group of chemicals Define PFOA and PFOS, the two best know contaminants, as “hazardous substances” under the […]

In the latest in a long line of reprehensible actions, Scott Pruitt’s EPA and the White House have teamed up to deep six the latest health study being performed on PFAS, a group of chemicals which contaminate the drinking water of millions of people, mostly as a result of pollution at military bases. The study […]

Military knew of poisoning, yet did little

The last sentence in our latest story on well water contamination in and around military bases here and across the country was the punch line. And by “punch line” we don’t mean funny. We mean damning. This is how our report concludes: “Despite numerous signs that the chemicals were reaching groundwater, the military didn’t begin […]

Dangers of Fire Fighting Foam

Documents obtained by the Cuker Law Firm in litigation against the U.S. Government form the foundation for Sharon Lerner’s latest expose on how the military repeatedly ignored warnings about the dangers of fire fighting foam. The linked article below gives a comprehensive overview of what the Department of Defense knew, when it knew it, and […]

Larry and Jacquelyn Menkes, a husband and wife residing in Warminster, have filed a civil lawsuit against five manufacturers of firefighting foam, the suspected source of the chemicals PFOA and PFOS found in some of the region’s drinking water. The lawsuit is the seventh filed over the contamination against either the chemicals’ manufacturers or the […]

Listen to this interview with Kyle Bagenstose about how Mark Cuker helped uncover the truth behind the pollution of the drinking water of 70,000 by firefighting foam. Interview starts at 5:56 Listen Now

More than a decade before drinking water supplies in Bucks and Montgomery counties were found to be contaminated by firefighting foams used at three military bases, the foam makers and the military were privately discussing and debating the dangers the foams presented. Read More

Documents show the military was aware of the hazards posed by firefighting foams nearly two decades before it began testing water supplies at area bases and issuing policies restricting use across the country. Read More

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