Tests Show That People Living in a PFAS Contaminated Areas Have High Levels of PFAS in their Blood.

The results of blood testing are in and, as expected, they show that people living in the area contaminated by PFAS have high levels of PFAS in their blood.

Residents in Bucks and Montgomery Counties who participated in a blood-testing program because their drinking water was contaminated by chemicals on nearby military bases have a dramatically higher presence of some chemicals in their blood than the general U.S. population – in the case of one chemical, five times more than the typical American.


But this is only half the story…

The 246 people tested were randomly selected. Some of them may have only moved into the area recently. If we were to focus on the results of people who had long-term, heavier exposure, their results would likely be much higher

If you were concerned about your exposure to PFAS in water in Warminster, Warrington or Horsham townships and would like to bring a claim for medical monitoring please click here.